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Chemical Peels, Microneedling, and Skin Care Routine to Nourish your Skin

Come learn about chemical peels, micro-needling, and other skincare treatments with this episode’s guest, Sandy Newton. Sandy has over 30 years of experience in both the medical and aesthetic fields working as an advanced medical aesthetician and certified health coach. She uses her unique skill set traveling around the world to educate aesthetic professionals for an international medical skincare company. With her knowledge and experience in nutrition, skin care, and the latest aesthetic procedures, Sandy offers a unique and holistic perspective on how to achieve radiant skin. Jennifer and Sandy explain the essentials for a basic skincare routine, and recommendations that you could use at home to nourish, protect, and renew your skin. In office treatments like chemical peels and microneedling are explained. Listen to the full episode to see what skincare options there are, and which may be the best for you! Connect with Sandy or inquire about training through Resources: IG: Website: Consultation: BiOptimizers formulates amazing magnesium and gut supplements. Their magnesium supplement is the most potent, complete, and full-spectrum magnesium on the market. It is the perfect addition to a healthy lifestyle to achieve clear skin, enhanced mood, energy, better sleep, and faster recovery. You get 10% off when you go to and enter DRJENHALEY10 at checkout


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