We all want to look forever young! That is why in today’s episode, Jen dives deep into the world of anti-aging along with Jennifer from Autobiology Bits. Find out what treatments will help maintain your youthfulness, how to prevent sagging, as well as why you should start thinking about your skincare routine like your dental routine! 

After getting her degree in Molecular Biology at the University of Pittsburgh, Jennifer went through a crazy progression of career development from transplant research to pharmaceutical sales training—finally embracing her destiny as a freelance medical writer and biology entertainment podcaster!

As a full-time freelance medical writer, Jennifer has the best job in the world – being paid to learn! As a consequence, Jennifer gets many questions from friends and family. That is why she decided to start a fun and entertaining, yet informative, podcast on all the biology things you REALLY want to know.   

Her podcast is called Autobiology Bits with JLF, check it out! (Links at the end of show notes)



  • Anti-aging skincare routines. 
  • BBL and IPA treatments. 
  • Microneedling and its active ingredients.
  • Other solutions to elasticity issues. 
  • Benefits of chemical peels. 
  • How to prevent sagging of the eyelids. 



“If you do your skincare routine properly, it’s like you’re doing a facial for yourself every day.”