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Eliminating Toxins From Your Home, Nutrition Tips, and Gut Health with Holistic Health Coach, Ellie Hedley


Back by popular demand, we invite Ellie Hedley once again to another podcast episode to share more valuable insights on holistic health! Ellie Hedley is a certified essential oil specialist, holistic health coach, and entrepreneur who is committed to helping others on their journey in holistic wellness and more! In this episode, learn how to protect your home from toxins, how to balance your gut for optimal gut health, and other valuable tips and tricks to achieving a healthy body, mind, and soul. 



  • About Ellie’s wellness journey. 
  • How to clear the air of toxins in your home.  
  • Non-toxic alternatives to dryer sheets. 
  • How to make non-toxic cleaners. 
  • How to avoid toxins in your food. 
  • Ellie’s recommended supplements. 
  • The significance of your gut health. 
  • The kinds of probiotics to take. 



“A lot of people get caught up in this goal-oriented mentality where they’re fixated on an outcome. And when you do that, you miss a lot of opportunities.”



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