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New Year, New You – The 5 Shifts You Must Make To Live Your Best Life with Daniel Melo


In this episode, we invite special guest Daniel Melo to talk us through the 5 shifts that are crucial to living a happier and more fulfilling life! Find out what decision fatigue is, how a sense of purpose actually makes you live longer, and how you can start your journey of self-rediscovery. 

Daniel is a business strategist, motivational speaker, and Success Coach with years of experience advising corporations all over the world. His expertise in startups, innovation, and entrepreneurship has led him to coach a diverse range of professionals in business, medicine, law, advertising, eCommerce, and real estate. He has also started multiple businesses and is the co-founder of a real estate asset management firm.  



  • How to reframe your problems into opportunities. 
  • How to overcome and grow from your triggers. 
  • Why you need to rewrite your patterns. 
  • How do you rebirth your identity? 
  • What’s the best way to achieve your goals?
  • Where to get the most guidance in life. 



“We are not our jobs. We’re not our careers. We’re not our thoughts.”