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Optimizing Male Hormones for Fat Loss, Energy, and Libido

Dr. Jennifer Haley is joined by Dr. Elliot Dinetz in this week’s episode to discuss low testosterone and how to optimize male hormones, and he brings his unique and cutting edge perspective to the show. Listeners will learn what symptoms of hormonal imbalances with males to be aware of, causes of males having low testosterone, and what nutritional needs there are for optimal health.

Dr. Dinetz is a board certified Family Physician & specialist in Functional Medicine. After completing his training at Mercer University Medical Center in Family and Integrative Medicine and then completing a fellowship in Metabolic and Functional Medicine, Dr. Dinetz was invited to train further in Clinical Genomics. This allows him to provide the most personalized care available by formulating specific plans based on a patient’s genetic profile.

As a functional medicine practitioner, he takes a deeper look and focuses on the whole body to personalize health and wellness for each unique individual. He goes beyond treating symptoms but instead targets the root cause of issues to both treat and prevent health conditions using a natural approach.

If you’re a male asking yourself “Why am I so tired all the time?” or “Do I have low testosterone?” then tune into this week’s episode to get answers and get knowledge on how to optimize your health.

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